Valve Adjustment

January 2, 2018 maintenance

Much of this particular job was going to be new territory for me. I understood the concept and ultimately the goal I was trying to achieve but all the steps to get there were far from clear. Since I had stripped down the bike, access to the top end of the engine was pretty straightforward. I removed the valve cover tentatively, fearful I might find disappointing conditions underneath. For the most part, it was good news. The engine was cleanRead More

Carburetor Cleaning

January 2, 2018 maintenance

One of the motivations for actually tearing this ZZR down in the first place was to try and eliminate a stumble or two it had during acceleration. I would notice it on occasion when I was riding the bike often but wasn’t that big of a deal. I mean, it’s not like there is a lack of power with 1200cc’s pulling like a scalded cat every time I twisted the throttle. But, after the bike sat for a few months,Read More

Removing the CA Emissions Octopus

January 2, 2018 emmisions

Article soon to be updated… please check back.