Urethane Brake Lights

August 23, 2018 lights

  With the skate deck seat pan finished and installed I found inspiration with the taillights. I wanted something to also reflect the skate influence of this bike and wanted to use any other parts I could think of in clever ways. Although I liked how my plate relocation had worked out, the brake light itself was not as bright as I had hoped. Plus I wanted a better location for drivers to see.  I decided to create brake lightsRead More

Seat Sub Frame Rework (Step Two)

August 23, 2018 Uncategorized

  I was finally going to get to the unique part of this bike I had envisioned months ago. During the late 80’s skateboarding became my passion. In fact, it became my religion. Everything my world revolved around was maple, urethane, concrete and pavement. When I started getting inspired online with everyone’s cafe style builds I noticed that the up-curved seat on the most simple bikes I admired reminded me a lot of the tail of a skate deck. IRead More

Junkyard Explorations

January 2, 2018 inspiration

  What does one do when they have a vision but no real experience on how to create what they see in the mind into a concrete reality? I knew I was at a disadvantage as to the fact I had no real history in regards to motorcycles. All the models, years and names meant very little to me. I had no real understanding of progression of design. What year did air cooling loose favor? When did fork start toRead More

How It Began

January 2, 2018 inspiration

  I have ridden motorcycles since I was about 15 years old. My first bike was a Honda 250NX which soon was replaced with a Honda Hawk GT NT650. After a few years off I picked up a used Honda CBR 600. From there I took a break from two wheel throttle twisters and got into the pedal in the dirt variety. But the moto bug never really left me and eventually I had to have another. May of 2012Read More