fuel system

Fuel Gauge Delete

June 13, 2018 modifications

  A smaller dash cluster means things have to be deleted. Maybe “have to” is not the best term to use. Part of my overall goal with this project is simplification, so the elimination of anything extra is a big plus. But if I can save the functionality along the way, then that’s a perfect modification.  Knowing how much fuel is left on a long ride is a big help. Most riders just use the reserve tank as an indicatorRead More

Carburetor Cleaning

January 2, 2018 maintenance

One of the motivations for actually tearing this ZZR down in the first place was to try and eliminate a stumble or two it had during acceleration. I would notice it on occasion when I was riding the bike often but wasn’t that big of a deal. I mean, it’s not like there is a lack of power with 1200cc’s pulling like a scalded cat every time I twisted the throttle. But, after the bike sat for a few months,Read More