Plate Relocation

August 23, 2018 modifications

  With the seat bobbed and tail section gone… I needed to find a place for the license plate to go. I knew I didn’t want it to cover my skate deck seat pan. I also knew the 4 into 1 exhaust had placed the muffler on the right side of the bike. That plus the brake caliper left me once one empty spot. I chose a bobber style brake light / plate mount for the left swingarm. First thing…Read More

Vapor Gauge Install

August 23, 2018 modifications

  With the removal of the OEM gauges, front fairings and dash simplification…  I wanted a minimal display for speed, RPM’s, miles, engine temp and clock. Initially I looked at analog gauges as I really liked that look but had difficulty finding ones that I knew would be compatible with my speedo drive ratio and signal for RPM’s. Searching further I found many “all in one” slick units that used GPS for speed and looked amazing… but the price wasRead More

Coolant Reservoir Upgrade

August 23, 2018 modifications

  Decided to drop the uninspired look of the factory plastic coolant overflow tank with a custom steel one. Purely a cosmetic choice but took a few steps to complete. First I had to figure out the capacity of the stock tank and what lines would be required. By filling and then emptying the tank I learned there was 475 ML at the full mark. Ebay has lots of oil catch cans of varying sizes, shapes and colors… so foundRead More

Bobbing the Seat

July 9, 2018 modifications

  With the fairings and all the plastic gone, I wanted to reduce the size and lines of the seat and tail end. I knew however the look that was bouncing around in my head was far beyond my fabrication ability. I would need to be able to cut, weld, bend, machine and various other skills I was pretty weak on. So… reducing my vision to what I could realistically achieve, I set out to reshape the back of theRead More

Ignition and Starter Switch Relocation

June 23, 2018 modifications

  With the simplification of the dash I wanted to find a new spot for the keyed ignition switch as well as starter button. I decided under the seat made the best sense… but now I had to figure out a way to achieve this relocation. The factory switch is bulky with several positions (lock, off, on, park). It also has a built in fork lock mechanism that obviously can only engage when mounted in the original spot on theRead More

Fuel Gauge Delete

June 13, 2018 modifications

  A smaller dash cluster means things have to be deleted. Maybe “have to” is not the best term to use. Part of my overall goal with this project is simplification, so the elimination of anything extra is a big plus. But if I can save the functionality along the way, then that’s a perfect modification.  Knowing how much fuel is left on a long ride is a big help. Most riders just use the reserve tank as an indicatorRead More

Dash Simplification

May 27, 2018 modifications

  No windshield. No fairing. Nothing extra. Far from the factory ZZR mindset. The goal was to reduce the gauge cluster to the smallest footprint while maintaining as much functionality as possible. I wanted to know speed, RPM, engine temp, high beam, neutral, oil and a few other indications. The original dash also had a fuel gauge and clock. I’d rather forget the time while riding, so that was an easy delete. But getting a warning on the gas IRead More

Dropping Pounds

January 2, 2018 modifications

  Fashion before function. I suppose there is some aerodynamic advantages of all the plastic fairings and I will admit tucking in behind the windshield when speeds go north of triple digits is rather nice… but I was looking for a drastic change so the plastic and related bits had to get ditched. It was a surprising amount of work actually. Seemingly endless fasteners and clips were located here, there and pretty much everywhere in between. I started to wonderRead More