Urethane Brake Lights

August 23, 2018 lights

  With the skate deck seat pan finished and installed I found inspiration with the taillights. I wanted something to also reflect the skate influence of this bike and wanted to use any other parts I could think of in clever ways. Although I liked how my plate relocation had worked out, the brake light itself was not as bright as I had hoped. Plus I wanted a better location for drivers to see.  I decided to create brake lightsRead More

Headlight Installation

May 26, 2018 lights

  I knew I wanted to simplify the front end in regards to lighting, so I started to look for options. I quickly settled on a stand alone round headlight style with brackets mounted to the upper fork stanchions. This would allow me to set the proper height to hopefully match the lines of the tank and bike overall. Now I just had to find one within my budget that would be the correct size and proportion. The first optionRead More