Who I am….

Mid-forties creative type that would rather build something myself than purchase perfection. With a background in bicycle mechanics I have pushed myself to learn auto and with this project motorcycle repair, modification and maintenance. My budget is thin and workspace generally a dirt parking lot or the deck of my apartment. I don’t own any air tools. I have a welder but limited ability using it, and that’s being kind. I don’t mind spray paint or rust. I find patina and dents to be more beautiful than perfectly polished finishes and perfect paint jobs.  This project is a hard slog for me but if you are not pushing your boundaries and trying to learn… you might as well dig a hole and get in.

What this site is about…

Hopefully a way to share my experiences with others. Obviously mostly focused on this particular motorcycle which is a 2004 Kawasaki ZZR1200 but many of my ideas and parts used could be for any bike. I have tried to be honest. I write about my mistakes and success. This entire website is really just a way for me to keep track of what I did right, didn’t do right, and forgot to do at all. It’s also to show that people of different abilities should still try and create. You will never know until you try.