Plate Relocation

August 23, 2018 modifications


With the seat bobbed and tail section gone… I needed to find a place for the license plate to go. I knew I didn’t want it to cover my skate deck seat pan. I also knew the 4 into 1 exhaust had placed the muffler on the right side of the bike. That plus the brake caliper left me once one empty spot. I chose a bobber style brake light / plate mount for the left swingarm.

First thing… get rid of the chrome…


Way to shiny…


Much better…


The light was a LED unit that was reasonably bright in running mode and popped pretty well once the brake was applied.


The guts…


Wiring was as such:

  • BLK: Ground
  • BLUE: Running
  • RED: Brake

The mount system was flexible is its design and  allowed for vertical or horizontal configurations as well as left or right side of the bike. First step was to drill and tap holes in the swingarm and mount the bracket.


Bracket mounted…


To get the wires fed to the bike was more difficult than I had hoped. Initially I drilled a couple small holes in strategic location and tried to thread the wires through but this failed. There must be internal junctions or plates that just wouldn’t let me get the wire through so I went with plan B. This was to drill a small hole through the swingarm, route the wire along the inside and then under the lower plastic chain guide plate before heading up to the seat pan.


Through the grommet….


Soldered the wires to the factory harness, mounted the plate holder and checked the operation. Bingo! Good to roll.


Final product…


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